Thursday, July 19, 2018
65th Anniversary Staff Reunion
65th Anniversary Staff Reunion

Summer 2018, July 21-22

At Tomahawk

Come Saturday and Sunday, July 21-22 to camp at The Logging Camp at TSR---Get your camping gear, find all your old friends, and bring them along! Families welcome.

If you like, you can just attend for the day on Sunday when we will be hosting tours of the new programs added to Tomahawk in the last 5-10 years. Please RSVP to Kris Burbank at the Council Office. 

Weekend Schedule: 
9am: Reunion Camporee Opens at The Logging Camp

Events ongoing all day:

Set-up camping 
Mini-reunions of old area staffs facilitated by reunion volunteers
Scavenger hunts 
Story-telling station to collect stories to submit to the TSR Book editor, Scouting Museum in N St Paul, Welcome Center, etc
Historic photo recreation: Bring an old staff photo and remake it with your old friends
Family games/ alumni guided hikes

10am: Voyageur canoe rides 
12:00: BringYourOwnLunch
1:30pm: Flotilla tour of TSR by water--visit the beaches, campfire rings, campsites, the sand bar, etc
5pm: Potluck picnic and cookout at The Logging Camp
7pm: Campfire and singalong: alums do skits and lead songs 
9pm: Trip to Lincolnwood

8am: Breakfast at Logging Camp 
9am: Gather at Welcome Center for open house
9:30am: Formal welcome and introductions by Brian and Dotty 
10:00am: Departure for Brian's bus tour of TSR highlights 
12:30pm: Cheeseburgers in Paradise lunch at Sioux Scoutcraft
1:30pm: DIY Camp tours for the rest of the afternoon
"Find-The-New-You Challenge": Find whomever has your old job and introduce yourself Scavenger hunts 
3:30pm: Gather at Welcome Center for Show and Tell: eat cookies/bars, share pictures and stories from tours and hunts
4:30pm: Goodbyes

We will need volunteers to help with cooking, welcoming, captaining boats, etc. If you would like to bring a boat, you are welcome to.



Alumni Holiday Gathering

Alumni Work Day
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