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Saturday, May 30, 2020

Mark McCabe

Mark McCabe is the current Director of Camping and Properties. Mark began his camp staff career as an aquatics director in White Pine camp in 1998. He served as the White Pine camp director during the summers of 2000-2001. Mark began working as a Scouting professional in 2001 and directed the Phillippo Scout Reservation in Cannon Falls Minnesota from 2002-2005. Since then he has been directing the Tomahawk Scout Reservation.

Mark has many fond memories of Tomahawk and has the pleasure of creating new memories each season. Some of Mark’s favorite memories as a member of the seasonal camp staff include 4th of July parades, the polar bear swim club, trying unsuccessfully to learn how to board-sail, and recruiting others to work at Tomahawk. During Mark’s first year as White Pine Camp Director he recruited three people from North Dakota State University where he went to college. The three staff included Andrea Elfstrom, Rich Bissonnette, and Greg Rohde. Each of these people went on to work multiple seasons at Tomahawk and at Cub Scout camp as well. Greg Rohde eventually served as White Pine Camp Director and both Rich Bissonnette and Andrea Elfstrom served as program directors at the Phillippo Scout Reservation.

Mark considers his experiences at Tomahawk to be the most formative in his life. He has learned skills in leadership, communication, and crisis management that have been of great benefit in both his personal and professional life. He is excited to lead the next generation of the Tomahawk staff to deliver great camp program which will create memories that will last a lifetime for Scouts.

Mark is scheduled to graduate with a master’s degree in organizational leadership from the College of St. Catherine in the spring of 2009.  His one year old son, Calvin, enjoys visits to camp and has already seen his first bear at Tomahawk.

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