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Saturday, May 30, 2020

Jeff Moe
Tomahawk Staffer 1994 & 1995

What years did you work at
TSR? 1994 and 1995 What did you do at camp? I was the Associate Reservation Director.
What are some of your favorite
memories from camp? I was at camp the first year
White Pine opened (there were three staff members that year). It's fun to see how much it has changed and how each camp is distinct. The Wednesday cookouts became Cheeseburgers in Paradise while I was at camp - it was great to see all of the campers come together and the staff orchestrating "organized chaos" to get them all fed. The Scouts loved it.
What do you miss most
about TSR? You really get immersed into camp life while
on staff, and kind of lose touch with the outside world. I remember that the OJ Simpson incident happened while I was
at camp. It was all over the news for days, and I only
learned about it while I was out of camp running errands - several days after it happened. I really enjoyed the tight-knit
group that the staff was, as well as relating to the leaders and
Scouts at camp.
What are you currently doing?
I'm the Director of Field Service for Indianhead Council.
Any advice/words of wisdom for current TSR staff? Enjoy
your time at camp - you'll make lifelong friends and learn skills you'll carry with you the rest of your life. I didn't grow up in Scouting, and never looked into jobs at camp. Looking back,
it's a great experience and I wish I would have had that
opportunity. I hope my kids will work at camp in a few years. 

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