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Saturday, May 30, 2020

by Chris Lacher

My name is Christopher Lacher, I also go by the name of Lyle which was a nickname given to me by Tom Houle in 1986 because there where to many Chris’s.  I have been in Scouting since 1978 and I am an Eagle Scout from Troop 431.  I have been an assistant Scout Master with troop 431, to a Scout Master of troop 68 Hanau Germany and a Post Commander of explorer post 89, which was a Native American drum group.

Currently in Scouts I am a Camp Master with Northern Star Council at Fred C. Anderson Scout Camp and also the resident Biologist where you’ll find me taking scouts on guided nature hikes and doing conservation projects.

During the week you’ll find me at Dart Transit being an account manager, fleet manager and many other hats I ware.  I am married to my lovely wife Karen and have two beautiful daughters who are turning 7 years old this year.  Yup, their identical twins!  I compete in Scottish Highland Games and I am a card-carrying member of the clan Buchanan

My time at TSR was only three summers but the memories and experiences have lasted a lifetime.  Back in 1985 I was a CIT in Sioux Camp with half my time at the horse coral and the second half at the Fox Fire outpost.  It was a great experience and when I found out that the outfitter position was up for grabs I jumped at the opportunity to talk to Kith Wadadink, Warrick to get the position.  Sure I was fifteen but did not want to go home after my CIT experience was up.  I got the position and had a great time doing it.  I liked it so much that I came back the next year and did the outfitter position again.  I met many people during those two years and wish I could have done more consecutive years.  However, my life went the native route and spent a lot more time among the people of the Dakota tribe until I joined the US Army as a Military Police Man from 1989 to 1991.

After I got out and spent a couple of years working in the courier industry I went up to TSR in the summer of 1992 with the scout troop that I grew up with as an assistant scout master.  I saw some old friends and felt the call of TSR.  It was then I decided to see if I could go back the next summer and do it right.  I applied to be the horse coral director because of my extensive experience working with horses growing up.  I was ecstatic when I got the position and from there it became one of the best summers of my life.  Not only did I meet some great friends that summer but was challenged and the experiences have benefited me and have helped define me today in my current endeavors.  Besides doing the horse coral duties, I also filled in as the assistant camp director of Chippewa under Jim Sweager.  When the Chip rifle range director was involved in a bad car accident and broke his neck, I took on running the evening rifle range in Chip, being a certified NRA instructor from the military, so scouts could have open shoot at night.  At the end of the summer I took over for Jim as Chip camp director.  After camp was all over I stayed a couple extra weeks to help out with some projects then headed back home.  I wish I could have gone back the following year but such is life that I got promoted at my job in the courier industry and the rest is history... 

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