Wednesday, October 26, 2016
Our Purpose
  1. To promote social activities for the members of the Association so as to sponsor fellowship among former and current staff members and friends of Tomahawk Scout Reservation.
  2. To disseminate information about the members and Tomahawk Scout Reservation by means of such devices as mailing lists, newsletters and updates on Tomahawk Scout Reservation so to encourage communications between members and keep members informed about the current status of Tomahawk Scout Reservation and the Northern Star Council.
  3. To be of service and support, financially and otherwise, to Tomahawk Scout Reservation and the Northern Star Council as deemed appropriate by the members.
Board Members
Tim Lovett  President 2015
Matt Folsom Past President 2015
Dave Albrecht Member at Large 2015-2017
Kevin Balfanz Member at Large 2015-2017
Tom Creager Member at Large 2013-2015
Mark Eggert Member at Large 2015-2017
Derek Flom Member at Large 2015-2017
Myron Jacobson Member at Large         2013-2015
Dotty Magnusun       Member at Large  2015-2017
John Miller Member at Large  2015-2017
Larry Moser Member at Large  2014-2016
Brian Halloran TSR Director Ex-Officio
Jake Erickson Current Staff Rep. 2015
Articles of Association
Alumni Work Day - May 7th
Camp Memories

Read about a former staff member's memories they have shared about Scouting and working at Tomahawk as a staff member. Go to page. Please be sure to submit your memories, you can do so by sending your memory to the Tomahawk Alumni at

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